No More Blackouts


Around mid to late 2019 we had a lot of rain and also experienced an extended loss of power. There was so much rain that our below ground level car garage and storage space got totally flooded.

With owning an underground garage, we also have 2 big water pumps that pump out excess water from the catchment areas, however the loss of power left the pumps out of commission. Luckily I was home at the time and our neighbour had a petrol generator that he kindly let me use as an additional outlet to power our pumps. This saved our garage and everything in it and left me very thankful. It also left me anxious and wondering how am I going to resolve future occurrences.

I searched the internet and came across the Generac home stand-by generator which runs on LPG Natual Gas and automatically switches on when the power goes out. Perfect!

After having the unit installed and seeing it in action I was in awe. I loved this product so much that I had to tell other people about it and how it can help them from having their basement or garage being flooded.

That there is the back story of No More Blackouts and how I became a licenced Generac dealer. When I leave home I always have peace of mind and in situations like mine, I hope you do too!

Thank you Generac for helping me and thanks for helping me help others from potential disaster.


Paul Galante (Business Owner)

Free Demonstration

We can offer a free demonstration in the Sydney Metropolitan Area (If you are outside this area, please call to discuss options)