When it comes to heavy-duty, clean industrial backup power – No More Blackouts has you covered.

No More Blackouts is a premier authorized Generac dealer providing reliable and efficient Generac Industrial Gas Generators. We understand the importance of uninterrupted power supply for your business, and that’s why we bring you the best-in-class solutions to combat blackouts and power outages. Our partnership with Generac ensures that you have access to the latest Generac Gas Series generators from 27kVA to 200kVA and if you require any generator size above 200kVA, we will be able to customise a solution specific to your requirements.

Generac Industrial Gas Generators offer numerous benefits that make them the ideal choice for businesses and industrial projects of all sizes. With their advanced features and robust design, these generators guarantee consistent power supply when you need it the most.

The use of natural gas as a fuel source ensures a clean and efficient operation, reducing environmental impact. Additionally, Generac’s industrial gas generators boast remarkable fuel efficiency, leading to significant cost savings over time. Their automatic transfer switch technology enables seamless transition to backup power, minimizing downtime and protecting your valuable equipment.

You can always rely on No More Blackouts and Generac Industrial Gas Generators to keep your operation running smoothly, big or small and even during the most challenging times.

Generac Industrial Gas Generators

Generac industrial gas generators have won many awards, but the real benefits for the end user is the reliability, durability, and reduced maintenance. Permitting is much easier as these units produce 90% fewer emissions compared to diesel. In addition, more AHJ’s are recognizing natural gas generators for sole off-site fuel choices because these generators rely on a strong underground pipeline network that is rarely impacted by weather.

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