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Back-up Home / Business Generator

When the power to your home or business goes out, it can leave you feeling vulnerable. Whether you depend on your electricity to keep your food cool, keep your business operational or keep essential appliances such as bilge pumps online; power is critical and dependable. When you have a back-up generator, any loss of power will no longer mean that you need to rush to break out the torches and candles and sit there helplessly waiting for the power to return.

Trust the experts at No More Blackouts to aid you in the process of finding the right generator solution for your home or business back-up power needs whether it be essential circuit or whole house or business coverage.

What is a Back-up Generator?

A home or business standby generator system is a device that runs on Natural Gas / LPG or Diesel and installed to ensure that power is never lost. During a loss of power, it only takes seconds before the backup power generator kicks in. It's always there and always on, allowing you to live with confidence in your own home and gives you peace of mind.

Back-up Generator Installation

No More Blackouts is an authorised Generac dealer and licenced for all installations and maintenance of Generac home / business generators. We can walk you through the process, helping you to determine the most suitable generator for you and install it professionally with the optimal settings.
We have a range of Back-up generators to suit your home/business. They vary in output from 8kVA to 20kVA and our No More Blackouts representative will personally come out to inspect your home/business to advise the best suitable size of generator you will require.
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Imagine your life without power?

  • Lighting – Inside and outside
  • Basement sump (all that water damage and mould)
  • Medical equipment (massive loss of medicines)
  • Clean water for drinking and bathing
  • Security system
  • Refrigeration/freezer for food and medicines
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Contact with the outside world (Internet, cell phone chargers, TV, radio & more)
  • Washing and drying clothes
  • Air conditioning
  • Garage door opener
  • Fans
  • Irrigation Systems

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